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Made by YOU!

Wedding Band


Nothing says I love you more than forging through fire and metal together! And by crafting your wedding bands, they will be rich with life-long memories in a way that store-bought rings can never have

An experienced metalsmith will work with you every step of the way in this beginner-friendly workshop tailored to focus solely on getting you to achieve heirloom-quality wedding rings

Most are able to finish their rings within 4hrs. However, this highly depends on your design as some rings will require additional custom work on our end after your session and these steps may take up to several weeks


18K  Rose / Yellow / Palladium White Gold or 22K Yellow Gold



Date / Time: No fixed schedule, based on the mutual availability


Duration: 4 hrs - 5.5 hrs

Based on design complexity, choice of gemstones, and other elements.


Your journey with us starts with a complimentary consultation session where we'll discuss your design and gemstone options

We recommend starting at least 3 months before you want your rings. 


Some couples go from initial consultation to finished rings in less than 2 months, there are things we can do to speed things up a little. Get in touch and we'll see if we can work our magic!

Weekend dates are highly sought after and booked out further than weekday workshops. So do take this into consideration when planning your schedules and timelines

Email us at to enquire.

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